Scroll Finance wins £1.5 million in grant funding from the UK Government in consortium with Sustainable Systems (SuSy) to build and launch an embedded green finance solution, empowering homeowners to sustainably fund energy efficiency improvements

  • UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero has awarded Scroll Finance and consortium partner Sustainable Systems (SuSy) over £1.5 million in grant funding as part of the Green Home Finance Accelerator.
  • Scroll Finance will pilot an innovative financial product, Green Home Equity Line of Credit (Green HELOC), helping homeowners meet the high upfront costs of undertaking energy efficiency improvements.
  • The Green HELOC will be trialled with consumers in (i) Bristol in collaboration with SuSy, (ii) Oxfordshire in collaboration with Cosy Homes Oxfordshire, (iii) and the West Midlands in collaboration with Furbnow.

Housing ready for retrofit

Scroll Finance is pleased to announce it has secured a significant grant of over £1.5 million from the UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero towards an innovative project – GLOCERS (Green Line of Credit Embedded in Retrofit Services) in a bid to help the UK meet Net Zero targets by 2050.


The grant funding will be used to develop and launch Scroll’s embedded finance technology for home retrofit and an innovative green finance product – Green Home Equity Line of Credit. This initiative is being developed in collaboration with leading retrofit players SuSy, Cosy Homes Oxfordshire, and Furbnow. It follows an initial discovery phase that concluded in October 2023.

What is the Green HELOC?

The Green HELOC will serve as a flexible, affordable, and secured financing option for homeowners to meet the upfront costs of home retrofits.

  • Flexible: Homeowners can access an initial revolving credit facility to facilitate a prolonged period of work i.e. the facility can be used (and repaid) over time as required particularly relevant for whole-house retrofits with sequential or multiple interventions.
  • Affordable: Available at market leading rates, homeowners will pay interest only on drawn funds during an initial availability period following which the Green HELOC converts into a long-term secured loan.
  • Secured: Green HELOC is secured on the property against the homeowner’s available home equity with funds ring-fenced for use only through Scroll’s retrofit partners.

Pilot locations

Scroll Finance will deliver the Green HELOC to homeowners in an embedded fashion through leading retrofit players in the below pilot locations:

  • Bristol: The Green HELOC will be made available to Bristol-based users of the SuSy App, a free-to use platform that will connect homeowners with qualified tradespeople for green upgrades.
  • Oxfordshire: Homeowners based in Oxfordshire will be offered the Green HELOC through Cosy Homes Oxfordshire, an end-to-end domestic whole house retrofit service for the able-to-pay market in Oxfordshire.
  • West Midlands: Furbnow, a ‘managed marketplace’ that streamlines the end-to-end process of conducting green retrofits, will offer the Green HELOC as a financing option to residents in the West Midlands. The West Midlands pilot is being supported by Energy Capital (part of West Midlands Combined Authority).

Ashish Kashyap, CEO and Founder, Scroll Finance says: “We are honoured to receive this grant from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero which provides a significant boost towards building a scaled solution for retrofits in the UK. We are excited to collaborate with our partners to deliver the Green HELOC in Bristol, Oxfordshire, and the West Midlands, offering homeowners a flexible and affordable solution for energy efficiency improvements, as we collectively work towards the UK’s Net Zero goals by 2050. ”


Bryan Charter, CEO, SuSy says: “We are excited to be continuing our partnership with Scroll to deliver their embedded finance solutions via the SuSy app in our Bristol Pilot. Our success in securing this grant is a major testament to both companies and our work in the space. Our research has shown that by embedding finance into our app we can have a significant impact on further stimulating the retrofit market and accelerating the UKs journey towards Net Zero and we are looking forward to making this a reality thanks to the backing of DESNZ.