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UK Government funding to design and develop an embedded finance solution for energy efficiency retrofits

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In keeping with our mission to offer smart financing solutions to homeowners, Scroll has partnered with to design and develop an embedded finance solution to help homeowners fund energy efficiency retrofit projects. The partnership will use the grant funding to develop this technology, conduct consumer research, and test the proposition as a viable financing option for users of the SuSy.House app. SuSy users will be able to finance a wide range of energy efficiency upgrades through the use of Scroll’s innovative and flexible Green HELOC product to make upgrades financially achievable.

About Susy

Sustainable Systems (SuSy) is an online virtual consultancy service for homeowners who want to “green” their homes. SuSy has developed a consumer facing app SuSy.House which provides homeowners a bespoke dashboard for each house under analysis. By pooling data from various public and proprietary sources, the app creates a “digital twin”, where it has a full understanding of house behaviour. SuSy is building a network of accredited installers for upgrades like solar PV, insulation, and heat pumps to connect with homeowners for quotation and execution of the works. SuSy launched its app initially in the Bristol area in

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Proposed offering for homeowners

Scroll and SuSy’s partnership will offer homeowners:

What is the Green HELOC product?

A variation of our standard HELOC product for homeowners, the Green HELOC will serve as a flexible and secured financing option for homeowners to meet the upfront costs of retrofits.

Features of the Green HELOC:

Expected pilot launch (pending government approvals)

Following extensive consumer research and testing over six months, Scroll and SuSy expect to commence pilots in the Bristol area in the first quarter of 2024.

Through the discovery phase of the GHFA, Scroll has been aligning its product design and approach with other retrofit partners that have supported the GLOCERS project. Scroll will look to roll out its embedded finance tech and Green HELOC product to other partners by mid-2024 for homeowners based in Oxfordshire and the West Midlands (in addition to Bristol).

Discovery phase - grant size

£158,609 for discovery phase

Pilot Areas

Bristol, Oxfordshire, and the West Midlands

Customer Segment

Mortgaged owner occupiers and landlords

Consortium partner

Group 237831 (1)

Project Supporting Partners