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Home equity loan (HEL)

Unlock your housing wealth to fund your dream project. With Scroll’s HEL, turn potential value into real funds, when you need it. Say goodbye to personal loans and credit cards, hello to Scroll!

Bespoke pricing at competitive rates. Loans from £25,000 to £1,000,000. Fix your rate right down to a specific date. Simple and transparent fees. Interest only available (for BTL), as well as allowing you to secure your loan against multiple properties.


Home equity line of credit (HELOC)

Convert your home equity advantage into a win. Choose HELOC as an add-on feature for the first 12 months. HELOC is a revolving credit facility, just like a credit card, but far more cost-effective. Hugely popular in North America, now available in the UK through Scroll.

Drawdown as and when you need. No interest on the undrawn amount, no increase in the interest rate. At the end of availability period, HELOC converts into a fixed sum loan.


Fund your green projects at competitive rates, using a Green HEL/ HELOC. Guaranteed to be at least 1.0% cheaper than our standard HELOC. Available only through our trusted green partners or brokers.

We fund your installer directly (at your instruction), so everyone is happy. No more looking for cash or moving funds to pay large invoices. Use our Green HELOC to fund your dream project and only pay interest when funds are drawn down. Look out for our 0% introductory interest rate offer with our select partners.