Landlords can use Scroll’s HEL and HELOC products to meet any legal essential needs including but not limited to home improvements, property purchase, debt consolidation, paying university fees, and so on

The maximum Loan-to-value (LTV) ratio that Scroll can fund is up to 80%.

An indicative quote from Scroll will include the APRC (annual percentage rate of charge) which can be used as a comparison with similar loan products. The not this APRC, besides the interest rate, includes additional costs such as the product fee and broker fee.

The product fee charged by Scroll is a flat 2% for HEL and an additional 0.5% for an add-on HELOC. Scroll’s HEL product is fully flexible, and we do allow early repayments with a market leading flat fee of 2% of the pre-payment amount.

Broker fees are negotiated directly between the borrower and their broker. The borrower may choose to pay any broker fees upfront or add these to the loan or do a mixture of both.

Please see our full list of tariffs and charges.

Scroll offers competitive pricing to each borrower based on individual risk factors such as:

 a. Loan-to-Value (LTV)
 b. Type of borrower
 c. Borrower credit profile
 d. Property value
 e. Size of loan
 f. Purpose of loan
 g. Type of property

The property is appraised via our partner Rightmove with an Automated Valuation Model (AVM). This model takes into account metrics such as recent sales of similar properties, public data records, and historical price trends in the housing market to reach an assessment of your property’s worth. Alternatively, we may instruct the broker to conduct a drive-by or physical valuation if required.

Yes, there is full repayment flexibility. Scroll offers market-leading flat 2% early repayment charges of the amount being repaid.

Both HEL and HELOC are unregulated products. Currently Scroll Finance Limited does not offer or provide any products which are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.