Scroll Finance or Scroll is a fintech lender setup to offer flexible financing solutions to UK homeowners and landlords by allowing them to easily access their home or property equity to meet essential needs. Scroll is built on modern technology to deliver a seamless and fully digital customer journey resulting in a fast and convenient process. This is possible due to the technological advancements that have enabled Scroll to make real-time decisions without manual interventions as compared to the traditional lending model.‍ Scroll has been founded by individuals with significant experience in UK mortgages, consumer lending, and fintech. Click here to find out more about us.

Home equity is the difference between the saleable value and the current mortgage balance of the property. Most homeowners and landlords hold significant equity in their homes or buy-to-let properties.

It is a loan secured on your property in addition to the primary mortgage you already have. A second charge mortgage enables you to unlock the equity you have built up in your property without having to refinance your first mortgage, which normally is a long and cumbersome process, which may force you to pay early repayment charges.